A ‘Search’ tab is available on the home page. You can click on the ‘Search’ tab and select your project, and then a list of worker bees are visible. You can select a WORKER BEE as per your work requirements.
Yes, you have the ability to request projects to be added to the website. We will work diligently to find a WORKER BEE to do your new project.
When you login to the website, a message facility is available to contact the WORKER BEE under individual login.
A customer can register as a new customer on our home page. Once registered, provide your user name and password to login.
When a worker bee has come and given you an estimate he/she will post the price on our website for you. At that point, if you approve the price, you will be billed by WorkBDone for the service. We will collect your credit card information and Hold the funds in an account for the Worker Bee. The funds are not going to be distributed until you have acknowledged the work has been completed satisfactorily. There is an option in your final bill a place to post a tip.
You can hire more than one worker bee at the same time by following the same procedure you used to hire the first worker bee.
We do a complete background check before hiring our Worker Bees.
Since you pay us through the website, no money will be dispersed to the Workerbee until the job is done to your satisfaction. You’re Protection from fraud is our utmost concern!
a. Customer can login to the website to hire a service provider to get any kind of work done. b. Anyone who is interested in earning some extra money, can register on the website as a service provider. c. WorkBDone connects customers with service providers.
We prefer to call a registered Service Provider a “WORKER BEE”. Our Worker Bees work as hard as honey bees.
Anyone who is interested in earning some extra income can register and be a WORKER BEE.
Yes, you can be a WORKER BEE even if you have a full – time job.
You can earn some extra money and schedule projects on your free time.
Click on the ‘Register‘ tab, fill out all the details, set up your profile and photo of yourself. Then add your skills, project preferences, and counties you will accept work from. You will get a confirmation email and then you are officially registered as a ‘WORKER BEE‘.
Once you are registered as a WORKER BEE, we will offer your services to our Customer base within the counties you registered to work in.
No, as long as you’re registered to obtain work in that county. You can choose projects that suit your distance and availability.
Once the work is complete, you can provide a feedback or ratings as well as your concerns to us about customer.