Why Become A Worker Bee?

At WorkBdone, we recognize your value and are here to support you in every possible way. As a worker bee you will:

  • Be able to earn extra money.
  • Enjoy your high commission rate of 80%
  • Be able to set your own hours.
  • Be able to set your own rates.
  • Pick and choose projects based on your skills and location.
  • Keep 100% of your tips.
  • Select as many types of skill sets you’d like to offer.
  • Receive support through our back office – WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!
  • Rate and review your customers – your feedback matters!
  • Feel good about being a part of a company that gives back to its community. 10% of net profits are donated to reputable animal rescues and shelters.
  • We charge a yearly membership fee of $29 which includes your record keeping, issuing of your 1099 and other operational support. As an independent contractor, you will enjoy the flexibility we offer as well as the abundance of ways you will find to make more money.

    What are you good at?

    Car Detailing
    Car Detailing
    Garage Cleanouts/ Get Organize
    Garage Cleanout/ Get Organized
    Handyman Services
    Handyman Services
    House Cleaning
    House Cleaning

    Pet sitting/ Dog Walking
    Pet sitting/ Dog Walking
    Yard Work
    Yard Work: Cut Lawn, Weeding, etc.
    Lite Furniture Assembly Work
    Lite Furniture Assembly
    Painting work

    WorkBDone helps you...

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    WorkBDone Helps You To Earn Extra Money

    Why WorkBDone?

    Why WorkBDone

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